Dr. Ogg here. I work hard to be different from other relief vets.


I’m Dr. Tai Ogg

I’m a driven, multi-passionate small animal relief veterinarian serving Indiana and Illinois.
I have:

  • 7 years of veterinary experience
  • 7 years of general practice experience
  • 2 years of emergency practice experience
  • 2 years of house call and hospice experience
  • extensive surgical experience
  • a DEA license and USDA accreditation
  • licenses to practice in Indiana and Illinois
  • extra interest in dentistry + client communication
  • professional liability insurance

Please enjoy clicking around.
If you have any questions, contact me.

Appointments, emergencies, surgeries…

Whatever your practice needs, I’ll do it with expertise and compassion.

appointments • routine dentistry • extractions • sedated procedures • house calls • spay • neuter • major and minor mass removal • inguinal hernia repair • cystotomy • gastropexy • exploratory surgery • pyometra surgery • enucleation • third eyelid repair • laceration repair • cesarean section • amputation • splenectomy • correction of gastric dilatation and volvulus • in-home hospice care • in-home euthanasia


Note: Let’s work three shifts together before scheduling surgeries.

my way of thinking is simple:

Pets and people should be happy and well cared for.

As a veterinarian on your team, I will prioritize:

  • fitting in with your hardworking team members
  • comforting your patients with a warm bedside manner
  • completing all tasks quickly and efficiently
  • respecting your clients’ time constraints

Frequently asked questions

What do practice owners say about you?

In the words of practice owner Dr. Jane Lazzara:

“Dr. Ogg has been performing relief services at my practice for 1.5 years. Dr. Ogg is professional, knowledgeable, compassionate and has been a great fit for my practice. My team enjoys working with Dr. Ogg, and I appreciate her dependability as well as her ability to provide consistent quality care while I am away. I highly recommend Dr. Ogg and will continue to utilize her relief services.”

How do we schedule surgeries with you?

Let’s work at least three shifts together before discussing surgeries. That will allow me to become familiar with your staff and facilities first.

What about licenses, insurance, etc.?

1. Indiana state license
2. Illinois state license
3. DEA license
4. USDA accreditation
5. Professional liability insurance
6. Health insurance
7. American Veterinary Medical Association membership

What is your training?

1. Undergraduate degree: Michigan State University
2. Veterinary degree: Iowa State University
3. Master of Public Health: University of Iowa
4. Internship with USDA: APHIS One Health Coordination Center
5. Internship with USDA: NY Animal Import Center

I’ve taken courses in animal welfare, animal behavior, diagnostic microbiology, ethics, nutrition, toxicology, veterinary public health, Spanish for veterinarians, and more.

Can I see your resume?

Proud to be a veterinarian you can count on.

“If we could have her at the hospital every day, we would!!”

“Dr. Ogg is amazing!! She has worked for us for almost two years now. She is kind and compassionate to the clients and patients. She gets along very well with all staff always and quick to help wherever needed. She has a great attitude and is genuinely an asset to have.”


Amanda Cunningham, DVM and Caisha Moyer, RVT

Need an experienced and caring relief veterinarian?

Please get in touch. I’m happy to help.

4 + 11 =

In addition to loving vet med, I enjoy empowering women with exquisite jewelry that I make by hand.

Bad Wolf Jewels

I create bold, nature-inspired jewelry using ethically sourced materials from around the world.

At Bad Wolf Jewels, women find jewelry that connects them to the deepest, most treasured parts of themselves. Gleaming copper, brass, gold and silver plated metals… Enchanting stone, crystal, shell, and beads. Finding the perfect piece is like falling in love… Like taking part in a magical, captivating forest fantasy.

Pieces pictured (from top):
  • pendant from laguna lace agate and jasper
  • copper bracelet with matte black glass seed beads
  • hand cut obsidian arrowhead with moonstones
  • wire-wrapped pendant with parrot wing chrysocolla
  • wire-wrapped water buffalo horn pendant (hand carved and ethically sourced from Indonesia)
  • wire-wrapped “kitty” studs with real gemstones


still curious?

Some trivia for you:

I co-authored a book called:

A Student Guide: Reading, Writing, and Researching in the Sciences. I contributed to the section on writing scientific papers.

My love for horses once led me to:

show Arabians and Scottish Highlands competitively. Such beautiful creatures.

I spend my free time:

exploring local wineries, playing disc golf, kayaking, and hiking. I also love traveling to new places to experience different cultures.

I'm named after:

an Olympic figure skater.

I couldn't live without:

my adorable troupe of dogs: Foxy (rat terrier), Pepper (heeler mix), Pip (shih tzu mix), and Missa (lab mix).